Mary Ellis

The News-Record

With the nation in a recession and unemployment unexpectedly on the horizon for many, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College is beginning a program to those seeking a job.

The free “Career Camp” will be held every Wednesday in April beginning this week.

“It is scheduled at 12:15 p.m. for those who are underemployed, who currently have a job, but are not employed as well as they can be,” said Nicole Brown, director of high school relations. “The classes are free and are particularly aimed at the community.”

Brown began discussing the classes several months ago with area business people who noted that the majority did not know how to present themselves for job interviews.

“These classes are win/win,” Brown said. “They are a plus for the general public to help them be prepared to look for a new job, deal with resumes and interviews. They are also a plus for area business in that people looking for a new job will be aware of the proper business etiquette.”

Businesses showed their support for the camp by how easily they made donations in support of it. This includes the free lunches provided by Arby’s, Subway, Charlie’s Chicken and the Miami Wal-Mart for the first 20 who make reservations. 

As with everything else, the computer has stepped into job hunting.

“We have one class on digital portfolios,” Brown said. “People should have their resume on a pc so it can be updated and printed as needed. Lots of businesses don’t even want to receive resumes through the post. They only accept them through the Internet.”

In addition to speakers, volunteers from across the college campus will attend each class and help the students with the computers.

The National Guard has donated some flash drives so the earliest to reserve will be able to take their work with them.

The Career Camp schedule includes:

* Wednesday — Resume writing and job search tips and techniques.

* April 8: Creating a digital portfolio. Those who have a resume can bring it to the session to make improvements and updates. Job seekers without a resume can start one at the session.

* April 15 — Interview skills, questions and follow-up.

* April 22 — A new career is only one to three-years away.  NEO offers programs that enable student to directly enter into a career.

* April 29 — Camp wrap-up.

To participate, call the NEO Student Recruitment Office at (918) 540-6291 or e-mail 

Each session will be held on the second floor of the library in the Library Administration Building from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m. 

A resource fair will follow each session from 12:45 to 1:15 p.m. and will offer details on GED testing, financial aid for tuition and local job openings.