Jeff Bishop will no longer need to be referred to as the “Interim Acting City Manager” for the City of Miami. After a nearly four and a half hour joint meeting of the Miami City Council and Miami Public Utility Board, Bishop was chosen from the three finalists as Miami's City Manager by a unanimous vote.

The joint meeting began at 6 p.m. and lasted until 10:22 p.m. Tuesday night as the three finalists for the position were interviewed individually before the final vote was taken.

“I move that we offer we offer the appointment to Mr. Jeff Bishop as our permanent city manager pending contract negotiations,” Public Utility Board member Randy Wilkins said after returning to open session.

After a second of the motion, Public Utility Board members Randy Wilkins, Woody Painter, Bob Tyson, Mayor Kent Ketcher, and Miami City Councilmen Rudy Schultz, Scott Trussler, Neal Johnson and Joe Sharbutt all voted for Bishop. The room broke into applause and congratulations for Bishop.

When asked how he felt, Bishop showed those present a text he had sent his wife earlier asking her how she was doing to which she said replied, “nervous” to which he had replied,“me too.”

“As much as I'm excited I'm also relieved, because it's been the longest job interview I've had in awhile. I certainly hope that things continue to move forward and I'm looking forward to getting to work for the community,” Bishop said.

Strategic Government Resources (SGR) hired by the City of Miami provided candidates that were narrowed to the three finalists; Jeff Bishop, Roger Nelson the current City Administrator for Clyde, Texas, and David Tillotson the Assistant City Manager of Glenpool.

Bishop was named interim Acting City Manager for the City of Miami on April 4 to replace Tim Wilson the previous Miami interim City Manager who resigned earlier this year.

Public Utility Board member Bobby Carder was not present at the meeting. Bishop's contract will be negotiated and finalized at a later date.