A 36-year-old Miami man was charged Monday with assault after allegedly forcing his way into his ex-girlfriend's home and beating one of her guests.

Jesse George Shaffer III was seen by neighbors in a parking lot near 101 South Main St. attempting to slash the tires on a parked vehicle, according to a police report.

According to Miami detective Steve Johnston, Shaffer called his former girlfriend from the parking lot threatening violence toward a guest at her residence.

The woman told authorities that Shaffer then knocked on her door and, when she answered, he pushed his way into her home wielding a screwdriver.

Witnesses say Shaffer attempted to stab a male occupant of the home, but the victim was able to take the weapon away from Shaffer.

According to the police report, Shaffer then struck the man in the face and genital area.

Shaffer fled the scene when he learned officers had been contacted. It was then that the victim discovered that two of his vehicle's tires had been deflated.

District Attorney Eddie Wyant has charged Shaffer with assault with a dangerous weapon after a former conviction, tampering with a vehicle and assault and battery.

Associate Judge Bill Culver set bail at $52,000.

In 2002, Shaffer pleaded guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon and received a five year deferred sentence.

In 2005, Shaffer pleaded guilty to attempting to manufacture Methamphetamine. Judge Culver sentenced him to 20 years, all of which was suspended upon completion of a one-year drug treatment program.