FAIRLAND - The quiet little town of Fairland has had an uproar of controversies in recent months - leading to a state investigation and, this week, a string of resignations.

Thursday, the board of trustees met in a special session to discuss the possible termination of Bessie Mangum, secretary to the town clerk.

That discussion was tabled when Mangum submitted her letter of resignation. She was not alone in stepping down.

Trustees Launi Cassinelli and Charles Goad also submitted resignations. Goad's, however, was short lived - long enough to be appointed into the seat of Ward 2 trustee, formerly held by Cassinelli.

Officials would not comment on the reason for considering the termination of Mangum. In her resignation letter, she indicated that her resigning due to “unfortunate circumstances”.

Cassinelli's written resignation stated “blatant disregard for the legal advice given by the city attorney” as his reason for leaving.

“I have no desire to take part in these illegal maneuverings nor will I be part of the personal and unprofessional hidden agendas,” Cassinelli's wrote in his letter.

Cassinelli made allegations that the current board of trustees was going to cause the collapse of the town and had pressuring his resignation.

Mayor Gerald Tipton and Trustee Charles Griffin declined to comment further than to say they had no idea what Cassinelli was talking about.

Former trustee, Billy Kerns, submitted his resignation in December, saying he did not feel he was making a difference in his community.

Within the past two months, the town has played tug of war over the local police department. Half of the town wanting to keep the force in tact, the other half wanting to do away with it.

No decision has been made on the fate of the Fairland Police Department.

Most recently, a $14,000 discrepancy between docket totals and deposit slips was discovered during a recent audit.

The town became the subject of an investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. OSBI spokeswoman Jessica Brown said the investigation is ongoing, but a report is being prepared for the district attorney's office.

District Attorney Eddie Wyant said he is expecting to receive that report this week and will prosecute if necessary.