WELCH - Fourteen Craig County voters have been subpoenaed to appear in court Thursday for a validation hearing to determine if they are legally registered as Craig County voters.

The residents were among more than 500 who signed a petition to oust Welch School Board president Dennis McCord.

The election board secretary has also been subpoenaed to show evidence the status of the voters in question.

On June 9, a group referring to themselves as “Welch Citizens Allied for Responsible Education” (WE CARE), filed a petition to have school board president Dennis McCord removed from office.

The petition came after a number of complaints by parents and school faculty alleging McCord used his position on the school board to “bully” faculty members.

On July 24, the group presented 544 signatures to the court clerk requesting that McCord be investigated.

The Craig County election board determined that 54 of the signatures were invalid, leaving the petitioners 12 signatures short of the required number needed to impanel the grand jury.

Judge J. Dwayne Steidley will hear evidence from the petitioners and the county election board secretary to determine if the 14 signatures in question should be validated or not.