The United States Postal Service will increase postal rates Monday, as first-class mail goes from 39 cents to 41 cents.

For a limited time, postal patrons can purchase the “Forever” stamp introduced earlier this year.

The “Forever” stamp depicts art featuring a computer-generated image of the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell is considered by many to be “the most prominent and recognizable symbol associated with American Independence,” the U.S. Postal Service reports.

What is significant about this particular postage stamp is that, regardless of future rate increases, the “Forever” stamp will be valid anytime in the future as first-class postage on standard envelopes weighing 1 ounce or less.

The rate increases will influence many services offered by the U.S. Postal Service.

For example, the rate to mail a postcard will increase from 24 cents to 26 cents. For a flat-rate “Priority Mail” envelope, the rate will increase from $4.05 to $4.60. “Express Mail” will increase from $14.40 to $16.95.

Money orders will also increase from the current rate of 95 cents to $1.05. Other postal services, including delivery confirmation, insurance and registered mail, will also increase.

There is a decrease in price for a 2-ounce wedding invitation. The current rate is 63 cents, but the new rate will be 58 cents.