GROVE - The Grove Industrial Development Authority only has about eight acres of land remaining with which to entice new businesses to move into the city.

Three of the five-member panel - David Adzigian, Carolyn Nuckolls and Terry Ryan - voted to ask the city council for $150,000 to be set aside from city coffers to purchase additional land.

Members David Helms and Bob Henkle were not in attendance during Monday's meeting when the budget was up for consideration.

That request will be forwarded to the city council for consideration. The city council will meet today in a joint session with the Grove Municipal Services Authority to discuss the upcoming budget.

Interim city manager Debbie Mavity said she would advise the council of GIDA's request, but suggested chairman Adzigian should give his presentation personally during the joint budget session.

Adzigian said $150,000 might buy 25 to 30 acres of land near the present airport or industrial park.

He considered it a wise investment and Ryan concurred by saying, “it's right on the money.

Ryan also added that he felt if it was important for the airport trust to purchase more land, the same should be a priority for the city.

In a separate matter , GIDA voted to waive the fees in 2008 for Northeast Oklahoma Kennel Club dog shows.

Recently, the city council approved allowing GIDA to continue making decisions on whether or not fee waivers would be granted.

However, grants of funds, such as those recently given to the 2007 Citgo Bass Tournament and Jana Jae's Fiddle Festival, were taken from GIDA and the council will make those decisions in the future.

Adzigian said he had no problem with changes in the decision making, but urged city leaders to be consistent. “One way for some organizations, should be the same for all, he said.

Nuckolls indicated she favored the council making that decision because it eliminated one step since that body also had to approve the release of funds.