JAY - The crunch of ice outside her bedroom window wasn't a quick enough warning for a woman who allegedly was raped insider her Jay apartment.

The woman told authorities that she looked out the window shortly before 5 a.m. and saw someone wearing a sweatshirt, but, as she walked toward the door, a man entered her living room and began the attack.

The front door had been left unlocked on the evening of Jan. 18 to allow entrance to the residence by a daughter who was staying outside in a travel trailer during the ice storm, court records indicate.

Brian Kingfisher, 26, of Jay, has been charged in Delaware County District Court with one count of first-degree rape, according to the information filed with the court clerk.

Kingfisher told the woman he was there to talk about the recent passing of his grandmother as well as an altercation with his sister, according to the victim's account of the alleged attack.

They spoke for just a second then Kingfisher, according to the woman, jumped into her bed.

She told authorities she told Kingfisher to leave numerous times before he physically picked her up, threw the woman on the bed and began to rape her repeatedly.

Kingfisher allegedly threatened to hit her when she struggled.

In a statement to police, the woman said that, when she was able to break free, she ran outside screaming and her daughter came to her rescue.

Kingfisher, according to the alleged victim, then began to apologize for the incident to which she ordered him to leave.

In 2004, Kingfisher was convicted of three felonies - falsely personating another to create liability and two counts of assault on a police officer.