Approximately 30 Federal Emergency Management Agency trailers arrived in Miami Wedensday afternoon - a welcomed arrival for many flood victims seeking temporary shelter.

The Miami City Council waived zoning regulations last week with regard to trailers on private property so that residents can live in the trailers while flood-damaged structures are being repaired.

“To get a trailer, a resident must file an application with FEMA at the Disaster Recovery Center, said Gary Brooks, emergency management director for Miami. “The council is permitting the placement of FEMA trailers on properties for approximately a six-month period.''

According to Brooks, if the application is approved, FEMA will notify the owners of the property and a diagram of the property will be drawn. Applicants will need the diagram to get a permit for the trailer from the city. A set-up crew will do the hookups to sewer, water and electricity.

“We will get trailers for anyone who qualifies for it,'' Brooks said.

In most cases, the families will live in the trailers on their own property while they are renovating or rebuilding their flood-damaged homes.

“They'll work as quickly as possible to get these trailers to the damaged home sites. But, first, they'll (confirm) that they have utilities, said Bill Plumlee, a spokesperson for FEMA.

Approximately 10 more trailers are expected to arrive today, according to Plumlee.

FEMA officials said that, by the end of the week, the trailers should be leaving the staging area and set up in the community.

Flood victims can apply for aid from FEMA at the temporary office, located across from Sonic in Miami.