The mayor of Miami confirmed Friday that he and the president of a private economic development service were to meet today.

Mayor Brent Brassfield said he and Chuck Neal, president of the Miami Area Economic Development Service, planned a noon meeting to discuss the proposed dissolving of the long-standing private service and the city's 2-year-old economic development department - and the creation of a hybrid entity.

Today's meeting comes after a private meeting of the MAEDS executive committee during which the mayor's proposal was discussed.

Brassfield said that, following the meeting, Neal called and arranged a meeting with Brassfield.

“He did not indicate to me if it was well-received or not. I assume it was, due to the fact that they have called a meeting with me, Brassfield said.

In a phone interview conducted last week, Neal indicated that he looked forward to a meeting with Brassfield and having an open dialogue on the matter. He offered no endorsement or denial of the proposal because, at that time, the MAEDS executive committee had not yet met.

“I think this is not only a positive step, but a necessary one, Brassfield said. “And I believe Chuck, the Miami Development Authority and the city council all recognize it is a necessary step if we are going to move forward with discussion.

Brassfield said he planned to enter today's meeting with optimism.

“I believe it will be productive and positive.