An former Oklahoma fugitive has been bound over for trial in Missouri.

Trevis Lee Moss, 41, will stand trial in Jasper County on two felony charges of first-degree assault in an alleged Feb. 1 altercation with law-enforcement officers.

According to testimony by Sgt. Milton Ganz offered during a probable-cause hearing Wednesday, a Jasper County deputy was attempting to arrest Moss on Feb. 1, on outstanding warrants for manufacturing Methamphetamine when Moss attempted to flee the scene.

Ganz testified that he and another deputy arrived at the scene to back up Detective Michael McDonald. Ganz said the officers blocked the parking lot exits, got out of their cars and drew their guns.

“I ordered Moss to get out of the vehicle, but Moss backed into McDonald's car, Ganz said. “Then turned his vehicle toward me and accelerated.

McDonald testified that Ganz tried to jump out of the way of the vehicle, but he slipped on ice and snow and fell.

Ganz said he regained his footing and got up, but Moss was still coming toward him. He testified that he pointed his gun at the Moss' vehicle and repeatedly yelled for Moss to stop, but he did not.

“He could have turned left and gone completely around me, Ganz said. “But, it was clear to me that Moss intended to run me down.

Ganz said he fired at the vehicle's tires and engine six to eight times in an effort to stall the vehicle.

McDonald testified that he rammed the side of Moss' car in a successful attempt to cause it to spin and miss Ganz.

Moss then tried to drive over an embankment, but got the vehicle stuck. Officers then moved in and apprehended Moss, according to testimony.

In December, Moss and two women were involved in an alleged shootout at a Cardin residence.

According to an Ottawa County arrest warrant, officers responded to 2170 S. 570 Rd., near Cardin, on Dec. 12 where a 42-year-old male subject had been assaulted.

The victim said Moss and two women came to his house at approximately 3:30 a.m.

According to Henry, the women asked to use the restroom. After letting them in, Moss allegedly came into the house and began assaulting Henry with a .22-caliber handgun.

The victim reportedly sustained multiple head wounds and was able to get to his bedroom to retrieve a shotgun. The man told authorities that he fired one shot at the suspects as they were fleeing from the scene.

Authorities say one of the rounds struck one of the women in the arm, causing minor injuries.

Moss is also a suspect in the discovery of explosives and incendiary devices Dec. 26 inside a Jasper County home.