Authorities recovered a vehicle early Thursday morning that had been reported stolen by an Edna, Kan., man.

Eastern Shawnee Tribal Police Officer Nathan Calloway said he made contact with a male subject in the parking lot of a Wyandotte casino after being contacted by casino security.

“Upon my arrival I was contacted by a white male claiming to be Taylor Greenfeather, Calloway said. “Taylor stated a friend had left the casino and went to Taylor's truck and began busting the dashboard.

While investigating the incident, Calloway became suspicious and had the vehicle identification number ran through the National Crime Information Center system.

“Dispatch confirmed that the vehicle was listed in NCIC as stolen from Joplin, Calloway said.

According to a Joplin police report, the 1995 Nissan pickup was reported stolen from a Joplin residence on the afternoon of May 30.

After arresting Greenfeather for possession of a stolen vehicle, authorities learned that the subject had used a false identification. The man was later identified as Cody Lee Greenfeather, 25, of Galena, Kan.

Greenfeather's female companion, Cassie Elaine Roland Sutton, 25, of Joplin, was also taken into custody. She was later charged with knowingly concealing stolen property, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

Greenfeather was also charged with knowingly concealing stolen property. In addition, he also faces charges of false impersonation, a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.