The News-Record

COMMERCE — Commerce City Council member Bob Crawford tendered his resignation last week, the city attorney confirmed.

Crawford, a multi-term councilman, relinquished his office to take an administrative position with the Commerce Housing Authority.

Additionally, Crawford resigned Aug. 8 as assistant parks and recreation director for the City of Miami.

City attorney Erik Johnson said Friday that Crawford could not serve as a city council member and be employed by the Commerce Housing Authority — an entity that was created by the Commerce City Council.

Crawford is the second councilman to resign since the July meeting. The council also saw the departure of Jack Julian who served not only as a council member, but as mayor pro-tem.

Commerce’s council is comprised of four council members and a mayor.

Johnson said the remaining council members will hold a special meeting within 10 days to appoint replacements for Crawford and Julian.

The council, by statute, has 60 days to appoint a replacement for Crawford and less than 30 days to replace Julian.

Members of the council said last week that they would aggressively advertise for applicants to fill the empty seats.

Until the seats are filled, the council cannot take action on matters regarding city ordinances, including the effort to reduce the the lot-size restriction that has been heavily debated over recent months.