City Utility employees took Wednesday off in anticipation of working around the clock Thursday and Friday should severe weather predictions ring true.

“We have our generators prepared to meet the onset of bad weather,” said Miami Emergency Management Director Glenda Longan. “Utility crews will be working 12-hour shifts to do everything possible to keep utilities on in Miami.”

Travel conditions in the four-state area are expected to be hazardous to impossible. Authorities say the potential for power outages exist along the corridor of heaviest icing.

Emergency personnel is advising residents to prepare to “shelter where they are” - preferably in their own home.

“People need to make sure they have all of their medication, water, batteries, blankets, food, etc. for a few days,” said Longan. “They need to prepare to remain at home through this storm.”

The First Christian Church has been identified as a warming shelter in the event of a widespread power outage.

The Red Cross will be on site to provide water, blankets and other necessities should it become necessary.

Alexander Elementary in Commerce has also been identified as a warming shelter. A food distribution center will be set up at the Middle School cafeteria in the event of an emergency.

“Since there will be a less than two-hour notice should the water tower loose power,” said Commerce Emergency Management Director Ernie Shelby. “Residents are asked to conserve water and are also advised to bottle some drinking water.”

Elderly residence who are on oxygen, have a medical need dependent on electricity or need assistance for any other reason are asked to contact the Commerce Police Department as soon as possible after the emergency occurs at 675-4372.

In Wyandotte, residents will be able to seek shelter at the Community Center. Emergency provisions will be available at that location.

The Civic Center in Welch is used as a warming location in the event of a community emergency.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation said Wednesday, they have 500 trucks loaded and ready to tackle the highways.

County crews will also be working to keep as many roads as possible passable.

Authorities are asking that residents refrain from using the 911 service unless it is an immediate emergency.

Call the local police department non-emergency line for assistance.