County officials authorized the purchase of a mosquito fogging machine and expedited the process by declaring an emergency and foregoing the formal bid procedure.

District 1 commissioner John Clarke will make the purchase of a Dyna Fog MaxiPro 145 ULV machine to assist the county in combating a growing mosquito population that has set in since last month's flood.

Currently, the Town of Quapaw and the City of Miami are assisting the county with mosquito fogging. The county does not have its own fogger.

Clarke, who indicated Monday that he had learned of a second confirmed case of West Nile Virus in the county, said acquiring fogging equipment was an urgent need for Ottawa County.

The machine will cost the county more than $12,000 and will require an investment into certification of personnel in order to use the full range of chemicals available.

Clarke said there is one chemical that does not require certification for use - an application that costs approximately $200 per gallon. It has a dilution factor of six to one.

The state health department mandate that personnel operating the foggers be certified within their governmental jurisdiction. Additionally, the state prohibits certified sprayers from crossing jurisdictional lines. That mandate was waived recently to allow entities to pool their resources during flood recovery.