PICHER - Picher, Cardin or Hockerville residents who believe the government's offer to purchase their home may contain errors have an opportunity to send the offer back to the reviewer, pushing the 15-day decision window open a bit wider.

The first step, according to Sonya Harris, operations manager for the Lead Impacted Communities Relocation Assistance Trust, is for the property owner to relay concerns to the offer agent.

The agent will note the changes on the appraisal documents and note it in a daily log which will be taken back to Cinnabar, the company hired to conduct the appraisals.

A Cinnabar representative will then relay the concerns to the appraisal reviewer who will determine what action needs to be taken, according to Harris.

The offer agent will be informed of the action and will either call or visit the property owner.

“The 15-day period to accept or reject begins the day following the offer agent's response to the applicant, Harris said.

Phone numbers and contact information for the offer agent is left with each property owner in a folder of documents provided to the resident when an offer is made.

Trust chairman Larry Rice said Wednesday that there is no provision for a formal appeal for property owners, but that the trust would be dilligent in correcting any errors made in appraisal information or home comparisons.

To date, 25 offers have been presented to property owners as the trust continues a federally funded buyout of homes at risk of subsidence.

Of the offers presented, 19 have been accepted, according to J.D. Strong, chief of staff for the Oklahoma secretary of the environment.

Four residents have questions and their offers are pending review. Two have verbally accepted and plan to sign next week, according to Strong.