The mother of a 2-year-old boy allegedly scalded with hot water was arrested Friday on the felony charge of child neglect, according to Ottawa County Sheriff Terry Durborow.

Charges against Clarissa Pierce, 22, stem from allegations that the child did not receive professional medical treatment for his burns for five days and, once professional medical treatment was sought, it was determined that the burns were significant enough to transfer the child to a burn unit.

Pierce's arrest follows the arrest of her boyfriend, John D. Cellner, who was ascertained by authorities last week.

An affidavit filed in this case by Detective Dan Christophel advises that Ms. Pierce did question her boyfriend, John Cellner, on whether or not they should take the child to get medical treatment and was told not to do so because then Department of Human Services would get involved.

Pierce said the reason she did not seek medical treatment was because the injuries did not look that bad and the child had not complained of pain until the night before she brought him to see a doctor.

Cellner, 24, remains in jail on a $250,000 bond after allegedly spraying his girlfriend's son with scalding hot water.

Cellner told authorities he did not know he was spraying the child with hot water until some of the water got on his hand, Durborow said.

Durborow said Cellner told medical personnel he was working on a vehicle and had removed the radiator cap causing hot water to spew from the radiator and burn the child, Durborow said. Cellner reportedly then attempted to rinse the child off in the shower.

The toddler has been released from the hospital and is currently in the custody of the DHS.

Pierce remains in the Ottawa County Jail with a bond set at $150,000.