When people enter the Miami Public Library, they will soon need to make sure their cell phone is turned off.

As of July 1, ringing cell phones will be against the library's rules.

The library board approved the change and posters were mounted around the library to that effect.

“We initiated the change because of comments we received, particularly among those at the computers,” Marcia Johnson, head librarian, said. “Although this is not a particularly ‘quiet' library, those at the computers are seated in a tight spot and the phones going off could be annoying. People on the phones seem to speak rather loudly and some use obscenities that other people were uncomfortable with.

“So far, we've received several positive comments from people who are happy we're asking people to turn their phones off.”

In anticipation of changes to state policy, the library board has also decided that those18 years old and younger will need to have a parent sign a new entry on the registration card for a library card to enable them to use the computers.

“We expected a change to state policy, making parents' approval required until the age of 18, to be made at the last election,” Ron Gilbert, board president, said. “While it didn't pass, it was by a slim margin.

“This change will keep us ahead.”

The library is waiting for a new software program which, when installed, will deny access to the computers to those under 18 without a parents signature on their registration card.

Plans are under way for a new “Let's Talk About It” program to be held at the library in October and November.

In conjunction with the centennial, Oklahoma authors will come to the library and discuss their books.

Local volunteers will read the books ahead of time and lead group discussions.