Vian, Ark. - A native Commerce man and former Delaware County deputy is facing charges of embezzlement in Sequoyah County following an investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Jeremy Eugene Floyd, 30, was taken into custody March 27, in Benton County, Ark., where he is currently employed as a Bethel Heights police officer.

According to OSBI agent Vicky Lyons, on May 25, 2006, nearly $600 was seized from individuals after their arrests by Vian police officers. The money was retained by the police department as evidence. The records of the Office of the District Attorney in Sequoyah County did not show any dispositions for the cash seized during the arrests.

At some point during the time Floyd served as Vian Police Chief, the money disappeared, according to officials.

Officer Dennis Thomas, evidence custodian, conducted a search of the evidence room, along with Lyons. The evidence room log did not show that the money was ever placed there, Lyons reported. No cash or disposition records related to the previous arrest were located.

City Clerk Sharon Digenarro reported that her office never received the cash from the arrest and had no records regarding it.

During an interview, Floyd allegedly admitted that there had been cash locked in a file cabinet when he took office. He moved the cash from the file cabinet to the evidence room, but never logged the money into the evidence log. Floyd denies that he took the money.

Digenarro reported that, during May 2007, the department turned in a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria for surplus. At that time, Digenarro asked Floyd to return the fuel credit card issued to that vehicle. Floyd reportedly never returned the card, but told Digenarro that he still had the card. From about July 3 through July 26 of 2007, purchases totaling $1,353.25 were made using the credit card issued to the surplus car.

Each purchase was made using the personal identification number issued to Floyd, Lyons reported. Digenarro did not retain records of the personal identification numbers issued to the officers.

During an interview, Floyd maintained that he returned the card to Digenarro after receiving the new card for his new vehicle.

On July 24, 2007, a witness reported seeing suspicious activity in the area of an equipment display of the Simon's Ace Hardware in Vian. The witness reported the activity to police. The witness reported that shortly after reporting the activity, the witness observed a police vehicle parked between buildings to the south of the equipment display.

On July 28, 2007, the owners of Simon's discovered the theft of a Cub Cadet four-wheel-drive utility vehicle valued at $8,699. An employee reported that seven to 10 days prior to the alleged theft, Floyd obtained a key to the vehicle from the store employee. The employee reported the keys are universal to all Cub Cadet vehicles. Another employee reported that around mid-July Floyd made inquiries about the cost of the utility vehicle.

An examination of a security video disclosed an unidentified person who stole the vehicle from the equipment area. The video depicts numerous vehicles driving on the street adjacent to the equipment area, Lyons reported. Those vehicles included the Vian Police Department vehicle issued to the police chief.

City of Vian records show that Floyd was the only officer on duty during the time frame of the theft of the vehicle, Lyons reported.

Prior to his employment in Vian, Floyd was a criminal investigator for the Crawford County, Ark., Sheriff's Department. He worked as an investigator for the Waldron, Ark., Police Department and as a sergeant deputy at Delaware County Sheriff's Department.