The News-Record

Officers were assaulted Thursday night by a cane-wielding resident while attempting to evacuate his residence.

According to a police report, officers Jeff Frazier and David Wright were dispatched to 5th Avenue NW to aid firefighters in the clearing of an apartment building due to a natural gas leak.

“Officer David Wright and I made contact with Miami Fire Department personnel,” Frazier said. “Miami Fire Department advised that the male subject in apartment 1 would not open the door and was refusing to leave.”

Frazier said the tenant was in the doorway when officers approached his apartment. The man allegedly began yelling profanities at the officers and told them he was not leaving the building.

“He pointed his cane at officer Wright and stated ‘I'll shoot you with my forty-five, get out of here,'” Frazier said.

As officers attempted to restrain the man, he reportedly began kicking at officers.

The man hit Wright in the chest and spit at him, according to the report.

The man, 70, was arrested for assaulting an officer and transported to Integris Baptist Regional Health Center where he was treated for minor injuries sustained during his struggle with officers.

Frazier was treated for minor injuries by emergency personnel at the scene.

The man was later released from custody on his own recognizance and returned to his home.