Wes Franklin

Tax collections are up in Ottawa County compared to last year's figures at this time.

Ottawa County treasurer Brenda Conner said that as of Monday the county has collected nearly 65 percent of all real and personal property taxes due in 2009. In dollar terms this translates into roughly $6.3 million ($6,317,607.28), which is almost 10 percent more that what had been paid on this date last year.

And Conner and her staff are still counting.

Real estate and personal property taxes were technically due Dec. 31. County residents still have until Jan. 15, however, to pay what they owe before being penalized. The only catch is that payments made now must be paid in full while payments that came in before the end of year deadline could be split in half. The other half is due by March 31.

Conner said she expects a lot of the remaining tax revenue to come in all at once following a February mailing reminder about the March 31 deadline.

“It's still really busy this week, though,” she said. “We still have year-end closeouts to do and process all the mail.”

Some of that mail being sorted through is to check for postmarks. Those with a post office stamp of Dec. 31 or before won't be considered late.

Most of the $6.3 million collected so far - as well as that left to be collected - will go to the eight public school districts in Ottawa County with the exception of Miami, which is funded separately. The remainder of the tax revenue will be divided up among the general fund, the county health department and Miami school district.