GROVE - A Delaware County man faces theft charges after confessing to stealing money from a Grove utility authority, Police Chief Mark Morris said Tuesday.

Marty Yust, 30, of Cleora, was charged in Delaware County District Court with second-degree burglary and petty larceny.

Yust, a former Grove Municipal Services Authority employee, is accused of stealing approximately $1,200. He worked for the city as a part-time buildings and ground employee since April 2007.

Yust reportedly confessed to stealing from desk drawers, filing cabinets and a donation box, Morris said.

The money was reported missing on May 6 after City Manager Bruce Johnson and city treasurer Lisa Allred filed a report.

City officials say security cameras recorded the theft.

“The employees for the city are entrusted with monies that belong to the people who live here and when an employee violates that trust we need to take swift and sure action to protect the tax payer's money,” Morris said.

City Manger Johnson did that in this case,” he said.