Shelly Schultz

The News-Record

Local officials say they support a central Oklahoma police department seeking to prosecute a 12-year-old prank caller.

Enid officials say the Weatherford boy made more than 20 calls to the county's 911 emergency dispatch center in a four-hour period.

The boy used a cell phone to make 24 bogus calls on Friday, including reports of serious injuries.

“In some of the calls, the boy used profanity or hung up on dispatchers,” said Enid Police Department 911 Administrator Lt. Eric Holtzclaw.

“This is serious and I support the prosecution of someone like this,”said Miami Police Chief Gary Anderson. “Sooner or later the people who make bogus calls to 911 are going to block a real emergency and cause a real catastrophe.”

The boy, who later was identified by police in Fairview, also reportedly made more than 40 calls to a 911 dispatch center in nearby Major County.

“He apparently was given the cell phone by his grandmother while he was visiting his grandparents in Fairview and has admitted making the calls,” Holtzclaw said. “The boy's family is cooperating with police.”

Because of the boy's age, his name and records pertaining to the case have not been released. Holtzclaw said the case has been forwarded to the Office of Juvenile Affairs, which would handle any prosecution.

Under Oklahoma law, making a “false alarm or complaint or reporting knowingly false information” that could result in dispatching emergency responders is a misdemeanor.