Authorities discovered what they said is a “sizeable amount” of methamphetamine while searching for stolen property in an Afton apartment last week.

According to Ottawa County detective Joey Stites, the sheriff's office conducted a “knock and talk” at 326 South Maple on Aug. 18. When they arrived they were greeted by a man later identified as Phillip Gale Shaul.

Stites said he informed Shaul that he needed to speak with him about a report that he possibly had stolen weapons in his possession.

“Shaul advised that he had some guns, but they were not stolen,” Stites said.

Several other people were inside the home when authorities entered the residence. They were all identified as residents of the home, including a 1-year-old child.

Shaul escorted authorities to his bedroom where he began showing them the firearms he possessed.

“I advised Shaul of the anonymous tips that I had received about him in reference to him selling methamphetamine out of his residence,” Stites said. “I asked Shaul if he would mind if deputies searched his room and closet.”

While searching Shaul's closet, authorities found several plastic bags containing a substance that tested positive for methamphetamine.

Several items of paraphernalia were also discovered in Shaul's bedroom, according to Stites.

According to Stites, Shaul's 19-year-old daughter and mother of the 1-year-old, told authorities she was “aware of her father's drug problems” and knew that he had several guns.

She also advised authorities that Shaul does the drugs in his room only and never around everyone else.

Authorities anticipate several charges in connection with last week's raid.