District Attorney Eddie Wyant has hired a new assistant attorney for his Delaware County office.

Kenneth Wright will join the team of assistant prosecutors on Sept. 1. He is replacing veteran prosecutor Terrell Crosson.

Crosson, 43, of Chelsea, was appointed as a Special District Judge in Rogers County upon the retirement of Judge L. Joe Smith.

Wright, a native of Broken Arrow, moved to the area in 1996 after graduating law school in Norman. He began his career in the office of Craig County attorney Jot Hartley.

“I handled his Delaware County cases,” Wright said. “What’s interesting about this situation is that when I started working for Jot, Terrell had been working for him for about six months. After I opened an office in Delaware County, Terrell came to work with me as a public defender.”

Wright and his wife have worked side-by-side at Wright and Wright Law Offices in Jay for the past several years.

“She will continue to handle civil and family issues - divorce, custody, adoption,” Wright said. “She is also very involved in juvenile cases.”

Wright said he is very excited about his new role in the DA’s office.

“It will be a little different mind set as far as how you look at things,” Wright said. “The same rules apply, of course, you just have to look at them from the opposite side.”

Wyant said he is looking forward to working with Wright.

“He’s going to be a great asset to our team,” Wyant said.

Wright’s said his current public defender clients will be passed to another attorney prior to Sept. 1.