Despite rumors that the Highway 10 project will close the door on Turnpike Chrysler, Mark Crow says his dealership is not going anywhere - except downtown.

“We can’t say exactly when or where we’ll relocate,” said Crow. “That is dependent upon ODOT (Oklahoma Department of Transportation), but we are definitely staying in business here in Miami.”

The announcement by ODOT that Highway 10 was being widened coincided with the bankruptcy of the Chrysler Corporation.

“Chrysler wasn’t building new cars, so we weren’t getting new cars,” said Crow. “Now they are up and running, but Miami being a rural community is not on the top of the list for getting new inventory - it will come though.”

Crow knows all about survival and success, both personally and professionally.

He was part of a family-owned Toyota dealership in Tulsa for more than 37 years.

In 2002, Crow and his wife decided to relocate to Miami so he sold the Tulsa dealership and opened Turnpike Chrysler, east of Miami.

“Then the flood hit in 2007,” said Crow. “We took a pretty good blow then.”

Still recovering from the flood, Crow’s wife began a battle with breast cancer.

“We survived that,” said Crow. “Then Chrysler went bankrupt and the Highway 10 road project was announced.”

It hasn’t been easy, admits Crow.

“Business has been good and we have a good loyal customer base,” said Crow. “So, we’ll get through this too.”

Crow said he has identified a few locations in Miami, but he can’t get an answer from ODOT about how much money he will receive or when he can expect it.

There are deterioration issues at the current location that need addressed, according to Crow, but it seems pointless when the property will soon be demolished.

Crow said Chrysler has made some major improvements.

“The direction Chrysler is going is very exciting,” said Crow. “I’m anxious to get into the new location and start sharing those changes with my customers.”

“The big question now is what do we name the new location,” said Crow. “Obviously, we won’t be at the turnpike anymore. Do we keep the Turnpike name or call it something different?”