More than 85,000 Oklahomans have downloaded the Oklahoma Drug Card since it was introduced Jan. 8, according to the program’s director Joe Willard.

Willard said that is an unprecedented number compared to the 22 other states that have introduced the program to its residents.

“I think this just tells us the need is great in Oklahoma,” Willard said.

In addition, the number of participating pharmacies has tripled in the state since the card was launched.

United Networks of America, a provider of numerous managed health care products, initiated the program.

Any Oklahoma resident may sign up for the card online and print it for instant prescription savings at participating pharmacies throughout the state.

Currently, Walgreen’s is the only Miami pharmacy accepting the UNA prescription card.

The card is expected to save between 35 and 75 percent of prescription medication.

The highest discounts are on pain medication, heart medication and antidepressants, according to Willard.

The card is free.

There is no age limit, no income restrictions and no forms to complete. The only piece of information needed is the resident’s name.

The form does ask for an email address, but one is not required in order to receive the downloadable card.

Resident’s may also ask a participating pharmacy to print the card out for them.

For more information or to download the free card, log on to