Youth at the First United Methodist Church in Miami took their Sunday school lesson to heart this weekend.

After hearing about the tragic situation in Haiti, they asked their congregation for monetary donations to be spent on health kits, the basic necessities for the victims of the earthquake. At the end of the service, the youth collected almost $650.

The youth purchased the items needed for the kits and had an assembly line Monday and Tuesday to put the individual kits together.

With a goal of 100 kits, the youth made 130 that will be taken to Claremore today by local attorney Eric Johnson, then forwarded to Haiti.

Youth participating ranged in age from 9 to 16 and included Abby Osborn, Hannah Osborn, Garret Castor, Jake Turnbow, Jordan Barlow and Jeanna Logan.

“During the last flood in Miami, the water got to our front steps and we had to move out,” Castor said. “We were without power for 12 days during the ice storm. We were helped by lots of people. This is our chance to pay back.”