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Call the City of Miami Operations Center at 542-6685.

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NEW INFORMATION The Neosho River at the Commerce gauge crested at midnight on Tuesday at 29.25 feet.

Water in Miami has started to recede and is expected to continue to do so at slow pace. At its height, water in and around Miami is believed to have reached mean sea levels near 774.

NEW INFORMATION Federal Emergency Management Agency task force members will be in Miami today to begin assessing damage.

NEW INFORMATION Questions about the return of electrical power or property inspections, call 541-2231 or 541-2214.

NEW INFORMATION The NEW number for all calls regarding flood conditions, evacuation, recovery and assistance is 542-6685. City personnel will assist with directing calls to appropriate officials.

NEW INFORMATION Miami City Officials are asking that people stay clear of flooded areas unless they have a reason to be there. Spectators are hindering evacuation efforts.

Those who are touring the flood areas by boat are creating waves that emergency workers say are causing further damage to property.

NEW INFORMATION Property owners be advised that ALL city employees will have proper identificaiton.

NEW INFORMATION Ingress and egress into Miami is limited. National Guard members have been posted at several staging areas throughout town to assist motorist. Veterans Boulevard has been limited to local traffic only as it is one of the city's few access roads allowing traffic to move to Highway 69A and on to I-44. Oklahoma highways 10 and 69 remain closed, as does Steve Owens Boulevard and a large portion of neighborhood streets in the southwest and southwest portion of town.

NEW INFORMATION City crews are currently pulling electric meters at flooded properties. The meters will not be returned until city officials have inspected the sites and are confident that electrical power can be safely returned to the site.

NEW INFORMATION There is currently no concern of water quality issues. City engineer Jerry Ruse confirmed today that water is being tested hourly and, in the event that the quality becomes a concern, any problems will be quickly isolated and dealt with immediately. Measures are being taken to maintain quality, including additional - but safe - volumes of chlorine have been added to the water system.

NEW INFORMATION As people are able to return to homes where water may have infiltrated water taps, city officials advise that water be boiled before consumption until water has been sufficiently flushed through the residential pipes to clear any debris or contamination.

NEW INFORMATION Emergency management personnel have assisted in 12 evacuations that required removing people by boat from their residences. There have been no casualties reported.

NEW INFORMATION Anyone who is volunteering or working through the flood is being advised by city officials to have a tetanus shot. To date, the city has administered 120 shots.

Volunteers Needed

Emergency management personnel are calling for volunteers throughout Miami as the city now moves into a recovery and cleanup mode. City officials say that residents in more than 600 homes are expected to have been impacted by the flood. Official numbers will not be available until the waters recede.

When will it go away?

City Manager Michael Spurgeon said Monday that floodwaters are expected to remain at least through Friday.

Drinking water

City engineer Jerry Ruse said he anticipates no problem with the city's water supply. If a problem occurs, Ruse said it will be quickly identified and isolated.

Anyone who has private wells should boil the water before consumption.



Fire, rescue and medical crews have been set up in strategic areas, according to Fire Chief Kevin Trease. Emergency services remain available to as many people as possible.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has provided the city with a helicopter and the National Guard is now in place.

Shelters in place

Shelters are open at the First Christian Church and the First Baptist Church in Miami. Tammie Lewis of the Red Cross said additional sites are being prepared at the First Assembly of God Church, Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church and Southeast Baptist Church in Commerce. There is no charge for use of the shelters. Meals are provided.