Yes, there will be plenty of room for four screens in the movie theatre, according to Miami's economic development director.

As construction continues at the site of the future Miami Cinaplex, the question has been asked many times, Brian Barger said.

Barger, who was tasked to bring a movie theatre to Miami on the day he was hired to lead the economic development department, said the facility will house two theaters that will seat 200 to 250 viewers. A third screen will accommodate approximately 150 viewers, while a 60- to 70-seat theatre will offer viewing to a smaller crowd.

The theatre, a project of the Miami Tribe, is expected to open in late March, according to Barger.

The City of Miami partnered with the tribe to bring the theatre to Miami as both entities continue to push economic growth in downtown Miami.

City officials say questions have also been raised regarding sales tax.

“The tribe has given us all assurances that they will pay the normal sales tax, just like any other business on Main Street, Barger said.

According to Barger, the Miami Tribe is already making plans to expand the theatre to six screens. It could happen within 18 months of the opening.

The exterior will be of dryvit - an insulating material that has an appearance of stucco.

Internally, the theatre will feature state of the art sound and high-back theatre seating, according to city officials.

“It is going to be a nice facility, Barger said. “It is a great investment by the tribe.