MIAMI — Miami Public Schools has implemented a ticket allotment system for the remaining high school and middle school home athletic events at least for December because of COVID-19.

Vouchers will be allotted for all eligible athletes on the active roster for their respective sport through the head coach, athletic director Chad Davis said.

Participants (player, coach, cheerleader, band member, choir member or other support personnel) will be allowed up to four tickets per event, Davis said.

Masks are still required for all in attendance.

“The coach of the program has the tickets and will have a meeting at the end of practice and ask how many tickets are needed by each player,” Davis said.

There will be no general admission tickets available for events he said, but those having the vouchers will still have to pay admission.

Those with all-sports passes still will be admitted.

All events during this time period will be played in the Miami Activity Center, Davis said.

Ottawa County remains red on the state’s COVID risk map as of Friday, Nov. 27, but all MPS locations returned to in-person instruction Monday, Nov. 30.

The current semester ends Dec. 18.

The allotment protocol began Wednesday, Dec. 2 with sixth grade basketball games.

WRMS hosted Oologah Thursday, Dec. 3.

The Miami varsity basketball teams played at Verdigris Tuesday, Dec. 1 and will be at Oologah Friday, Dec. 4 before playing in tournaments at Seneca (boys) and at Vinita (girls) next Thursday through Saturday.

The basketball varsity home opener will be Dec. 15 against Jay.

The MHS wrestlers will make their debut here Thursday, Dec. 10 against Grove. It will be a varsity-middle school double-header.

As of now, it’s full speed ahead for the Miami Invitational wrestling tournament, slated for later this month.

Six teams are expected for the event, which is one of the three longest-running in the state.

Additional events in December that will be affected include Will Rogers Middle School basketball games.

“It's just another step to try to minimize as much as we can without taking away fans all together, which is going to be the next step,” Davis said. “Obviously we are doing our best to avoid the worst step, which is not being able to play.”

While several athletes have had to be held out of games, the MHS football team was idled just once during the season and that was because of issues at Catoosa.

“This month and January are going to be tough months, said Davis, who noted that the situation would be reevaluated over the Christmas holiday before school resumes in January.

“Perceptionally, it just shows people that we are serious about locking us down so we can play,” Davis said. “But at the same time, we want to be efficient as we can be with it and keep moms and dads, brothers and sisters and grandmas and grandpas in the stands as much as possible.

“What it does is eliminate a lot of student body walk-in. There are also a lot of other district’s student-athletes who are not playing that drive over. We will not allow any opposition cheer teams to travel in.”