QUAPAW — Social media has been an important tool for Quapaw superintendent David Carriger to spread the word.

“I’ve been using Twitter, Facebook and our website — it’s really helped us, just getting our message out,” Carriger said. “Parents really have appreciated the updates that we send out.”

Carriger said he’s found most parents to be more Facebook oriented, but he’s seeing more educators embrace Twitter.

“I think there is a lot more news items on Twitter, data and things like that, compared to Facebook,” said Carriger, whose Twitter handle is @DavidCarriger.

“I think Twitter is probably my favorite. I follow a lot of educators throughout the Midwest and a lot of newspapers,” he said. “I like Twitter for the information. There is just so much good stuff there. It might be a little more reliable than Facebook on some sources and information.

“I have some parents that have followed me and appreciate the updates on Twitter,” Carriger said. “I do a lot of ballgames, because it is quick and fast. We try to do it in Facebook (@QpsCats) as well. We have quite a few that especially follow me in Facebook for scores and other things, especially on weekends.”

Carriger said the district also will use automated phone calls “if it’s an emergency-type situation or a reminder for meetings.”

“We have found that Facebook, Twitter and our website (www.qpswildcats.com) pretty much gets that message out to almost 100% of our parents and community,” he said. “We have a few that aren’t on Facebook. We have several that check our web page. I update that web page usually every morning, so that front page has all the information that I would post on Facebook.

“We have a Wildcats page where we put all of our information, rosters and schedules for sports.”

He said the one platform he hasn’t utilized is Instagram.

“I think with having the Twitter, the Facebook, our website, plus our school messenger phone system, I think we are pretty good about getting the message out,” Carriger said.

The district also has a new message board on the east corner of the school complex that was donated by the Quapaw Nation to get announcements out.

“We are very happy with it — very appreciative,” Carriger said.

Miami Public Schools also has fully embraced social media.

Superintendent Jeremy Hogan frequently goes to Twitter (@snrsbeattxs), Facebook (@MiamiPublicSchools) and the district’s website (miami.k12.ok.us) to get the word out.

“MPS use social media pretty much on a daily basis in some way, shape, or form,” Hogan said. “Of course, all the updates I send out go out through our system and parents receive an e-mail and text notification, and then the information is also put on our Facebook and Twitter pages.”

MPS athletic director Chad Davis (@coach_cdavis) regularly tweets schedule updates and adds other information at @WardogAthletics.

“Social media reaches more people than anything now, more so than an e-mail or a newsletter,” he said. “You can type in 180 words and hit ‘go’ and reach thousands of people in a matter of seconds. You can’t call that many people or text that many people. There’s no other efficient way to get out communication in an every-changing world, especially in 2020 with COVID.

“It’s the best way to reach people, period.”