MIAMI — A number of local events that are traditionally held as Veterans Day salutes have been cancelled because of COVID-19.

The parade will not be held because of the coronavirus as well as construction on Main Street led the Miami Regional Chamber of Commerce to cancel those plans.

“It’s just too ‘iffy’ right now with COVID-19 to do anything in-person,” said Cindy Morris, interim director – chamber operations. “But we are going to make our veterans a bigger part of the Christmas parade and they have been notified that we will do something special then.

“We are thinking about putting them at the front of the Christmas parade and doing some other things to honor them.”

The chamber has encouraged all residents and businesses in Miami to honor veterans by decorating their homes and businesses outside in red, white and blue, at least through Wednesday.

Miami Public Schools also will not hold its annual Veterans Day assemblies because of COVID-19.

“Obviously we can’t bring in visitors from the outside due to COVID-19, but I do know each school site will have lessons about it,” Miami Superintendent Jeremy Hogan said.