FAIRLAND — Two Fairland Public School bond proposals passed by a wide margin Tuesday.

“The FPS community is extremely grateful for those school district members who came out and voted Tuesday,” said superintendent Jerry Johnson.

The first proposition passed by a vote of 68.9 percent for to 31.1 percent against, with 264 total people voting.

That proposition read, “Shall district incur indebtedness with bonds of $3,115,000 to fund school purchases?” and is for the construction, equipping, and furnishing of a storm shelter and classroom addition for elementary students, a student activity center, improvements to the elementary gymnasium, and a new roof for the high school and HVAC replacement.

The second proposition, which read, “Shall district issue bonds of $200,000 to purchase equipment and levy, collect annual tax?” also passed, with a vote of 65.4 to 34.6 percent, meaning 174 for and 92 against and a total of 266 votes.”

With its passing, the school district will now be able to acquire additional student transportation equipment.

“Our school board has been working with various committees made up of parents, educators, and school administrators on this over the past two years and is excited to be a part of something that received voter approval and meets several district needs, in particular a storm shelter for our elementary students,” Johnson said.

It is unknown at this time exactly when the funds from the bond issue will become available, but in the meantime, Johnson said, they will be trying to establish contracts and other things to get the ball rolling.

A similar proposal last year failed.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the election was originally scheduled to take place in June but was rescheduled.

Johnson said the first person he called when he got the good news was former Fairland superintendent Mark Alexander, who recently retired.

Alexander was instrumental in presenting the original bond proposals and working in the community to garner support for them.