MIAMI — Raymond and Cynthia Frizzelle, long-time local residents, have announced they are retiring from local ministry here at the end of this month after 17 years and seven months at the First Assembly of God Church.

A celebration service is planned in their honor on Sunday, Aug. 30, beginning at 10:30 a.m.

“It has been a great honor and privilege to be here and the church is debt free now and ready to take it to the next level. I’m grateful for that,” Raymond Frizzelle said this week.

“In the last 17-1/2+ years, we have been very involved in our city — a passion of mine— and we have been to every school in Ottawa County participating in and supporting those schools. And we’ve done work with the city for the downtown fall fest every year that, for a couple of years, brought in over 5,000 people. We have done Easter events for the kids here at the church that ran between 2,000 and 3,000.”

Frizzelle has also been involved with the city council, praying with them before their meetings, was on the team that helped bring in one of the city’s police chiefs, and was also involved in the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, the local police and fire departments and other city entities have been able to use First Assembly’s building for functions.

The average attendance at First Assembly during the Frizzelles’ tenure here has been approximately 350 every Sunday, except of course for this year, which has been a little different due to the pandemic.

“And we have had a lot of interaction with DHS, not only through our school here, but we do a parenting class that helps parents get their children back, when they need that,” Frizzelle said. “We also have a marriage ministry that averages about 350 counseling sessions a year with trained counselors that is totally free, and we have a lot of interaction with teachers. We’ve had kindergarten registration here for several years.”

Raymond Frizzelle originally is Fort Worth, Texas, and Cynthia was from Dallas. They have been married 44 years.

He attended Christ of the Nations School in Dallas, has been licensed and ordained with the Assemblies of God for 31 years

They were youth and children’s pastors for four years at Gospel Beams in Duncan, then Christian education and children’s pastors for seven years at First Assembly of God in Lawton, where they also served as associate pastors for three years.

During the couple’s time at First Assembly in Miami they have traveled the world to share the good news and now their grown children are sharing in the work.

Daughter Melissa is married to Doug Young and has three of the senior Frizzelles’ grandchildren, Malachi, Chloe, and McPhearson, and son Aaron Frizzelle is married to Regan and has the rest of the grandchildren, Jaxon, Jada, and Ivy Grace.

The senior couple said, “God's grace has carried us through every circumstance and our book, ‘Walking on Water,’ is filled with a lifetime of miracles.”

Raymond said, “It’s been an incredible time, but we will be moving to Norman because we think that’s healthy for the church. We are looking forward to a little slower paced ministry, but we will be doing something with churches down there.”

During the Frizzelles’ time here, more than $100,000 was donated to missions work and over 5,000 people were saved.

“God gets all the glory and that’s a great trophy for heaven,” Frizzelle said.

“We have been very blessed. We love these people and we know they love us. It’s been a great time for us as pastors and we have loved being in Miami. The people here are etched on our hearts and there will be a lot of lifetime friends here that we will keep in touch with. We won’t be that far.”

The pastors’ book will be available at the church’s welcome desk through Aug. 30. It is also available on

For more information, call the church at 918-540-1585