As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt life, area school officials are finalizing plans in preparation for the return of students to in-class learning.

Here are details for schools in the area.


Afton Public Schools is offering different pathways for educational services in the coming school year, including traditional (all on-site in a classroom setting), virtual/online education (web based learning to take place outside of the school) and blended (a combination of traditional and virtual learning).

“Our district is anxious to get back to doing what we do best, educate,” superintendent Randy Gardner said in correspondence with parents. “We are excited to start back into a new school year, but first we want to clarify what our district plans do to support all students and faculty in a safe and healthy manner as they attain their education.”

Virtual learning will be off campus using the Acellus or Edgenuity platform, an online program separate from the regular classroom. These students include those who are in the high-risk category or have close family members at high risk. Students will be assigned to a certified teacher for assistance and guidance. Those interested in blended or virtual learning should call to set up an appointment to meet with the principal. At that time it will be decided what the right fit and curriculum program are that will meet the needs of the student.

If enrolled in the virtual school, students will need to remain until the end of the semester. Should they decide they would like to return to traditional school that will not be possible until the beginning of the following semester.

Also, students in traditional school will not be permitted to enter virtual school after Aug. 19 until the beginning of the second semester, when they would be permitted to enroll in December before winter break.

AFP support families with students having compromised immune systems or living in homes with those at high risk and will be there to serve students no matter the setting choice.

The complete school year guideline can be accessed at

For questions, call 918-257-4470.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Commerce Public Schools (CPS) has moved the school start date for students to Aug. 24, after the District Return to Learn Plan was adopted by the Commerce Board of Education on Aug. 4.

A few highlights from the plan include virtual school enrollment extended until the end of the day Aug. 10 and Chromebook checkout and schedule pickup for middle and high school students will be Aug. 10-11. There will be an open house Aug. 19-20.

“What instructional method we will use will be determined by the county’s color code level, which will be released by the Department of Health on the Friday before school starts, “superintendent Jimmy Haynes said.

“As of this week’s color coding we would be doing the A/B schedule with half the students in on Monday and Tuesday and the other half doing virtual, with Wednesday as a total virtual day, and the other half would be on Thursday and Friday. If the code drops down to yellow or green, then everyone will be in school full-time. If it goes up to orange or red we will be having all virtual school.

“We hope that all students will be able to return to school or do distance learning, if that’s what they have chosen.”

When asked if his teachers and staff are ready, Haynes said, “We are getting there. This week the teachers are working on how they would deliver virtual instruction and reaching out to parents.”

Traditional, A/B, or virtual delivery instruction methods will be determined weekly by information released by the department of health. CPS will make texts, calls, and social media blasts informing parents of the school delivery method for the following week each Friday.

Call 918-675-4316 or log onto for more information.


Fairland Public Schools will start Aug. 24 with the A/B schedule - all on-site traditional classroom setting combined with an online and on-site distance learning plan. That is subject to change based on recommendations for health and safety on the Friday before school starts back. Schools will reopen following the recommendations of the state department of education as determined by the level of COVID-19 cases in Ottawa County.

At this time facilities will be closed for outside use and visitors will not be permitted for parties, lunch pals or other activities.

Masks are required for all staff and students grades Pre-K through twelfth, with exemptions for those who are physically unable to wear them. Teachers of Pre-K through third grade students should consider protective face shields or clear-paneled masks. Exceptions are allowed when eating, naptime, recess and during physical education — if social distancing is possible.

Each site will have a checklist and a timeline of completion for daily sanitization practices and sanitization stations will be set up at the entrance of each facility and in the common areas. Necessary equipment will be provided for proper cleaning and student safety.

Parents are encouraged to transport children if possible. All bus drivers will be required to wear a face covering and bus windows will be left open for airflow. Daily cleaning of buses will be mandatory after each route. All field trips are on hold until further notice.

Elementary students will be screened upon entering and teachers will monitor temperatures throughout the day. Locations will be established to house students who may have symptoms or a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater. The temperature will be taken again in 30 minutes and, if still high, the parent will be called to schedule a pick-up time.

For more information, call 918-676-3811 or log onto


The Quapaw Board of Education has changed the date for staff professional development and the start of school. Staff development will now take place Aug. 17-21, and school activities will proceed as planned for the first day of school for students on Monday, Aug. 24.

For the past eight weeks, Quapaw Public Schools have been working on plans and procedures for this coming school year. QPS’ goal is to offer two types of programs for students. One is a traditional schedule where classes will take place on campus. The second is a virtual learning environment outside the school facilities to help students and families who may be dealing with health issues and other concerns.

If you are interested in the virtual learning program for your child, fill out the survey that can be found on the school’s Facebook page. More information can be found on the school’s website in the Reopening Plan at or by calling 918-674-2501.


Wyandotte Public Schools will begin school with hybrid learning to reduce student capacity and increase social distancing. The first day for A students will be Aug. 13, as it will be for students of the Wyandotte Virtual School. The first day for B students will be Aug. 14.

“The safety of our students, staff, and community is a priority for WPS. Our reopening plan is based on recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the state health department, and the state department of education to keep students learning with us in the safest environment we can provide. Our plan may evolve as additional information and recommendations become available,” Superintendent Brad Wade said in a posted letter.

The complete plan can be viewed at

For more information, log onto or call 918-678-2222.