QUAPAW — Joseph Tali Byrd defeated John Berrey in an election Saturday, July 25 for the position of chairman for the Quapaw Nation Business Committee.

Unofficial returns show Byrd was a 544-325 winner over Berrey.

Results won’t become official until Wednesday afternoon and Byrd will assume office on Aug. 15 at the Quapaw Tribe’s next Business Committee meeting.

“It is a new day for the Quapaw Nation, and I am honored to be elected to serve as Chairman of the Business Committee. Over the past few days, I have been humbled by the outpouring support from our tribal citizens, our employees and other tribal leaders across Indian Country. I commend John Berrey for his leadership and years of service to the Quapaw people and wish him well. There have been many great leaders throughout the history of the Quapaw Nation, and I am excited to build on this legacy,” Byrd said in a Facebook post.

Guy Barker was elected secretary-treasurer, unseating Tamara Smiley.

Members of the business committee are elected every two years.

“Congratulations to my opponent and the new Chairman of the Quapaw Nation, Joseph Byrd,” Berrey said in a statement. “He is young, smart, capable, and we are proud to be leaving things for him in a much better way than when we found them.

“I have been honored to serve, and I look forward to a great future for our Quapaw Nation!

“I love the O-Gah-Pah people, our outgoing Secretary/Treasurer Tamara Reeves, and all the Quapaw Business Committee members I have served with. God bless us all.”