MIAMI – Cleanup has begun on the Ottawa County jail after a riot and a minor fire July 2 were caused by inmates who were unhappy with the results of their court hearing that day.

According to Sheriff Jeremy Floyd, some individuals in the jail did not receive the bond reduction they were anticipating in court that day so, in turn, thought they would cause some disruption within.

“They destroyed quite a bit of property, and they did catch some property on fire in the middle of the pod — a trash can, some books, a blanket, and some clothing. Luckily we got it put out before anything major happened,” Floyd said.

The incident took place in one of the jail’s open dormitory pods with 24 inmates present.

Those involved began throwing things and breaking glass, in addition to short-circuiting a television receptacle and starting the fire, Floyd said.

“We are getting it cleaned up and have contractors coming in and giving us bids on fixing, repairing, and replacing — and everything in between,” he said. “Everything is functional and we didn’t have to transfer any inmates out. We did take three inmates to the hospital that night, but any time we have a major incident we always get some folks that want to go to the hospital for this reason or that. It’s policy that we take inmates if they request it, so we had them looked at and they returned to the jail later that evening.

When asked about a timeline to get the jail repairs completed, Floyd said, “We are in the bidding process now and when we get all that in we will submit it to the county commissioners for approval. And then we will go from there.”