MIAMI — There was a minor fire caused by a riot in one of the pods at the Ottawa County Jail at around 7:30 p.m. Thursday, according to Ottawa County Sheriff Jeremy Floyd.

“In of our open dormitory pods, we had 24 inmates in there and four of them decided they wanted to incite a riot,” Floyd said. “They started throwing stuff, breaking glass like the tables that are in those pods. They short-circuited one of the receptacles that we use for the television.”

He said they then started a fire in a trash container in the pod, using books, Bibles, clothing, a blanket and anything else that could be ignited.

“It didn't get too hot, but it caused a lot of smoke damage,” Floyd said, noting that the Miami Fire Department quickly got the fire extinguished.

“It’s still kinda smoky in there. We’re trying to get it filtered out, get everything cleaned up and just assess things to see what we’ve got to do.”

No evacuation was necessary, Floyd said, noting that inmates were just moved around.

“They did a pretty good job. I just appreciate the speedy response from everyone. We got it neutralized and now we’re cleaning up and working at getting everything up and going again,” he said.

Emergency crews transported three inmates, but none were from riot-caused injuries.

The jail only has been open since March after an electrical fire in October caused major damage in the facility.

It forced the evacuation of the facility and inmates were moved to other jails in the region.