MIAMI — There have been a total of 215 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in the tri-county area according to Monday’s Oklahoma State Department of Heath report.

There have been 50 positives with two deaths in Ottawa County, 146 positives and 16 deaths in Delaware County and 19 positives with no deaths in Craig.

Statewide, there have been an additional 228 positives since Sunday, a total of 13,172 cases statewide and 9,587 recoveries.

There has been one additional death. However, it did not occur in the past 24 hours.

o One in Oklahoma County, a male in the 65 and older age group.

There are 385 total deaths in Oklahoma.

In the past 14 days, there have been 4,941 positive cases with 26 deaths.

COVID-19 is a virus identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China in 2019 and has since spread globally into a pandemic.

Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. While roughly 80% of cases report mild symptoms, some progress into severe pneumonia and multi-organ failure and can lead to death.

Current data indicates the risk of death for those contracting COVID-19 notably increases for individuals above the age of 60 or for individuals with autoimmune conditions.

On Jan. 21, the first set of individuals in the United States tested positive for COVID-19. The virus has since spread across all 50 states and the number of individuals testing positive for COVID-19 continues to rapidly grow each day.

There have been 2,548,996 U.S. cases, 125,803 deaths and 685,164 recoveries.

Worldwide, there have been 10,199,798 positive cases and 502,947 deaths.

Local test sites include the Ottawa County Health Department, 1930 North Elm (918-540-2481), Craig County Health Department, 115 East Delaware in Vinita (918-256-7531) and Delaware County Health Department, S. 9th Street, Jay (918-253-4511).

To learn more about COVID-19, call the COVID-19 call center at 877-215-8336 or 2-1-1 or visit