MIAMI – The Ottawa County commissioners discussed the county’s policies in relation to COVID-19 and the plan for re-opening county offices to the public during their meeting on Tuesday, June 3.

Chairman Chad Masterson mentioned June 15 as a possible target date and county officials gave feedback.

Because several of the offices are dictated by state guidelines, each will put together their suggestions for what the guidelines should be for reopening and have them available at the next regular meeting.

In other matters, the board approved a correctional communications services agreement between City Tele-Coin and the Sheriff’s Office for inmate communication at the jail.

Undersheriff Dan Cook, who was present at the meeting by phone, said, “We definitely recommend continuing with City Tele-Coin…it’s what we need. And it’s not just the commissary and phone commissions; it gives us great access to what is being said in the jail because conversations are recorded.” City Tele-Coin representative Stewart Mayfield joined the meeting by phone and it was agreed that the amount the county receives should be going back up now that the inmates have returned after the jail fire evacuation that lasted several months.