MIAMI – A project to repair sanitary sewer slip lines that has been in the works for quite some time is set to begin Monday morning.

Tyler Cline, Director of Public Utilities for the city, reported to the city council at their regular meeting Tuesday evening, “A couple of months ago we brought before the council the sewer improvement project for the truck route from Main Street to 5th Avenue. The contractor will be in Miami next week to start on that and we have display boards in place that we have spun around to warn people that we will be shutting the truck route down.”

According to Cline, the work will include East B.J. Tunnell Blvd. from Main to E Street NE and D street from Tunnell to 5th Avenue (the truck route from Main to 5th NE).

“There are a lot of detour signs that will be put out and we are going to detour people trying to go northbound and send the trucks down A Street,” told commissioners. “Signs will be posted to direct people around the detours and to the new splash pad.”

The anticipated construction is expected for two weeks, but updates on construction will be posted on the City of Miami Facebook page.

Those traveling to the splash pad should use the entrances to Marvin’s and Walgreen’s to travel to the parking area across B.J. Tunnell.

Those visiting a business in the areas closed, use B Street NE to the truck route, but use caution in the construction areas.

While doing the project, the city is also going to try to figure out why a drain near Montana Mike’s is always full of water, Cline said.

City manager Dean Kruithof reported that both the splash pad and municipal pool in Riverview Park are open and “we have had a lot of people enjoying them.

“It’s starting to feel like we are getting back to normal in a lot of ways,” he said. “We are hoping to have another event at the splash pad when everything opens back up.”

Kruithof also announced that there would be an Oklahoma Blood Institute blood drive in Miami June 9, which is the same day that municipal court reopens here.

The council approved the fiscal year 2020-2021 municipal budget.

The council also approved a resolution for community financial support and fee waiver to Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College for the demolition of a structure located at 1111 NE, Lot 15 and N 20' of Lot 16, Block 8 in the Artesian Addition, which has been incorporated as part of the college.

This property has been vacant for several years and is in the floodplain.

“While Jeff Hale was still president at NEO, we discussed this,” Kruithof said. “We are in cooperation with NEO and this is community improvement, so it helps us out. Then Kyle Stafford (the new NEO president) came on board and approached the city about the property as follow-up. It will be blended into next year’s projects.”

The council also approved the mayor's nomination to re-appoint Joe Morgan, Gary Crow, Megan Frazier, Sara McQuigg and Greg Forkum to the Miami Recreation, Tourism, Convention and Visitors advisory board.

Morgan’s term expires May 1, 2022 and the term of Forkum runs through June 30, 2022.

Jeremy Hogan, Bless Parker, Chief Ethel Cook, Brian Forrester, Cline and Kim Horn were appointed to the City Manager Advisory Committee.