MIAMI — Miami will be in the national spotlight again, this time as part of a segment that will appear on the “Small Town Big Deal” television series.

A production crew, including hosts Rodney Miller and Jann Carl, will swing through Miami Thursday with stops at the Coleman Theater, Waylan’s Ku-Ku and the Route 66 Ribbon Road south of town.

It will be included on an episode featuring “The Mother Road.”

“Small Town Big Deal” premiered in September 2012 on cable station RFD-TV (Dish Network Ch. 231 and DirecTV Ch. 345), where it airs on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. and Fridays at 12:30 a.m.

The show also has a YouTube channel and airs on the Armed Forces Network.

With more than 1 million viewers weekly, Rodney Miller and Jann Carl host “Small Town Big Deal.”

The show travels the country highlighting interesting people, communities and events in celebration of the countless great stories of America.

"We look for stories that fill us with pride, give us hope, make us laugh

and remind us that national treasures are often found where we least expect

them," Carl said in a release. "That's why we decided to showcase Miami."

She spent 14 years as a correspondent and weekend anchor for “Entertainment Tonight.”

A lifelong farmer, Miller is former CEO with national tractor manufacturer McCormick International.

No air date on the segment has been announced.