MIAMI — The emergency coronavirus ordinance that has been in effect since March for Miami has expired, but could be revisited at another time if necessary.

Members of the Miami City Council made that decision during their meeting Tuesday, May 5.

Emergency Ordinance 2020-20 expired April 30.

“Our current ordinance has expired, so the controlling law at this time comes from Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt,” Miami Mayor Rudy Schultz said.

City Attorney Ben Loring said that the House of Representatives has extended the governor’s emergency powers for another 30 days and he assumes the Senate will do the same.

“The governor’s executive orders will continue to evolve, but they are there for another 30 days for sure,” Loring said.

City manager Dean Kruithof said the city is still working with area residents on utility cutoff payment arrangements. Cutoffs will resume June 3, so he advises people to get a payment plan set up as soon as possible.

In other matters, the city approved the recommendation of public works director Kevin Browning and street department manager Robert Barger to reject bid solicitations for the south Main Street mill and overlay project, Phase 3.

Kruithof said there are still some things on that part of the street that will be done, including crack sealing and a utility cut in front of the Miami Mini Mall, but the overall mill and overlay project has been pushed back approximately a year.

In some good news for Miami, Kruithof reported the city has received a $10,000 humanities grant for the Coleman Theatre, a $50,000 grant from the USDA for cemetery solid waste, dispatch and utilities and it’s been confirmed that a $300,000 grant for the airport has been received.

“Plus the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act is taking care of the city’s 10%, so it equates to a 100% grant,” Kruithof said. “We are currently applying for a COVID-19 grant for $2,400 for the fire department and $3,900 through the Department of Justice, and we are still working with ODOT on the $3 million EDA (U.S. Economic Development Administration) grant. We got a $100,000 reduction in the principal of what we are borrowing, so that’s very good news.”

Kruithof said the city has been getting a lot of complaints about illegal signage on Rockdale Boulevard and asked that people stop putting out signs without permission.

It was also announced that the city will hold several Fiscal Year 2020-2021 budget meetings in the coming days and weeks.