Peggy Sapp McCormick was born on December 11, 1946 In Miami, Oklahoma to Vernon and Virginia (Follis) Sapp. Peggy was a member of Miami High School’s graduating class of 1964. Peggy attended Lindenwood and Georgetown Universities before graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in history, a subject for which her passion never faded. Peggy then earned a master’s degree in library science, and afterward served as the passionate and dearly loved director of the Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

Peggy would later earn yet another degree in accounting, but it was not until embarking on a career in human resources with the Williams Companies that she truly found her professional calling. While at Williams, Peggy influenced and nurtured the careers of professionals at every level. Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Peggy was at the forefront of the developing fields of corporate team-building and executive coaching. Working with members of all business divisions, Peggy provided services ranging from formal training, to mentoring of new recruits, to one-on-one advice and counseling to Williams’ top executives. Peggy held a deep and personal affection for the Williams community and took great pride in helping to shape the corporate culture in which the members of that community pursued their individual and collective ambitions. Before and after her retirement from Williams, Peggy also volunteered her time as a mentor and life coach to young men and women in search of personal and professional guidance.

Peggy was an avid traveler and reader. She had an unparalleled thirst for knowledge. Throughout her life, Peggy sought out opportunities to meet and connect with people from as many different cultures as there are in the world. She found no greater enrichment of her own understanding of the world than by hearing the perspectives of those whose upbringing and belief systems were fundamentally different than her own. Peggy’s passion for exploring unfamiliar places and cultures did not overshadow, however, her highest priority: the health, safety and happiness of the friends and family who held her so dear. Peggy loved to talk—and to listen. More than anything, Peggy loved to talk and listen about you, whoever you may be. No one ever ended a conversation with Peggy without feeling a little bit better about themselves. 

Peggy’s ultimate joy and pride lay with her “children” (son, Trip, and daughter-in-law, Danielle) and her “baby boys” (grandsons Aidan and Dylan), whom she visited as often as possible in New Orleans. Aidan and Dylan in particular could do no wrong in “Mimi’s” eyes - every maddening trait of a 3 year old or 18 month old was an unmistakable sign of future greatness. 

Peggy passed away on April 27, 2020 at her home in Tulsa. She is survived by her son, Trip McCormick; her daughter-in-law, Danielle McCormick; her two grandsons, Aidan and Dylan McCormick; and her dear friend and companion, Tom Walker. Peggy leaves behind a saddened but grateful community of loved ones, from Tulsa to New Orleans and far beyond. As we mourn the loss of Peggy’s eager affection and soothing words, we hold dear the love she gave so selflessly, and we give thanks for the warmth and the light that she was in our lives.  

In light of ongoing restrictions on social gatherings, Peggy’s family and friends will hold an informal memorial celebration once those restrictions are lifted. Peggy’s family requests that anyone wishing to make a contribution in Peggy’s memory please do so in the form of a donation to the Miami Public Schools Enrichment Foundation, whose mailing address is 26 N. Main Street, Miami, Oklahoma, 74354.