Here are some answers dealing with Ordinance 2020-20that was passed during an emergency session of the Miami City Council dealing with COVID-19.

Why is this being done?

The novel coronavirus (COVID‐19) is a new, and potentially deadly, virus for which there is no vaccine or approved treatment. It is highly contagious and at present, the best defense against this worldwide pandemic is to practice social distancing. The hope is the more isolated we become on a temporary basis, the more likely this disease will not become so wide spread and overwhelm the capacity of local, state, and national medical facilities.

How can I get more information about COVID-19?

If you have questions regarding the COVID‐19 virus, the Oklahoma State Department of Health has a set up a COVID‐19 Call Center at 877‐215‐8336 or 211. Oklahoma State Department of Health at

What should be closed?

All bars, restaurants and other facilities in which customers come into close contact. Restaurants are allowed and encouraged to provide pick up and/or delivery. Other businesses include gyms, salons, barber shops, spas, tanning salons, bowling alleys, and dance studios.

What is open?

You can still go shopping at grocery stores, markets, convenience stores, drug stores, food pantries, hardware stores, and retail stores. If any of these have a food court area, those must be closed. Of course health care facilities and hospitals will be open.

How can a restaurant get curbside pick up parking?

If a restaurant does not have room in their parking lot, they should contact the City Manager’s office to arrange a pick up parking space near the business. Call 918‐541‐2203.

How long do businesses need to close?

The emergency proclamation is through April 15th. However it could be extended depending on circumstances. These actions are being taken to lessen the slow of the virus. A successful social distancing effort can lessen the time these actions are needed.

Who should I contact if a business is in possible violation of this order?

Call the Miami Police Department business number at 918‐542‐5585.

Do liquor stores need to close?


Do retail stores need to close?

No. However if they have fixed seating or other areas for people to congregate, those must be closed.

Do place of worship need to close?

They are not required to close, but they should consider following the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control and take actions in the best interest of their congregation.

Are catered events allowed?

No, the goal is to prevent ground activities that facilitate rapid virus transmission.

Are parks closed?

No. However, the order prohibits gatherings of more than 10 people.

Are casinos being asked to close?

The city does not have the jurisdiction to regulate casinos. At the time of this writing, all Ottawa County casino’s have closed to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Are movie theaters closed?

The Coleman Theatre is closed, and the Miami Cineplex is closed for renovation. They will be allowed to reopen when this emergency ends.

How long does this emergency order last?

The order takes effect at Midnight on March 21st through April 15th. However, it could be extended beyond April 15th.

Are museums closed?


Do hair salons and nail salons need to close?


Are employees who work at closed businesses still allowed to work there?

Yes. The order is meant to limit the amount of customers who congregate inside commercial establishments. Employees are allowed to stay and work. The order does not prohibit an employee, contractor, vendor or supplier of a place of public accommodation from entering, exiting, using or occupying that place in their professional capacity.

Can I order take‐out food inside a restaurant?

Yes. Businesses who are closed may take your order over the phone, online or in‐person. The order only applies to those wanting to dine in. All dine‐in services will not be available.