OKLAHOMA CITY — An election emergency was declared Wednesday, March 18 by Oklahoma State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax

Local elections were scheduled April 7 in 74 Oklahoma counties.

The declaration means County Election Boards must accept resolutions adopted by the governing bodies of school districts, municipalities, technology districts and counties to move their April 7 elections to another date.

The move affects a mayoral election in Miami, a school board vote at Wyandotte and a pair of propositions for the Fairland Public Schools.

A State Election Board release said regular and statutory elections could be rescheduled on June 30. That also is the date for the State Primary Election.

Special elections can be rescheduled for any election date allowed by law.

“We are in uncharted waters here, so I am hopeful we have found a sensible solution that is consistent with the spirit of the law and avoids bureaucratic overreach by state election officials,” Ziriax said in the release. “As Oklahoma’s chief election official, I strongly urge school districts, municipalities, technology districts and counties with April 7 elections to take immediate action to reschedule and help efforts to flatten the COVID-19 curve.”

County Election Board Secretaries will reach out to the local governments holding elections in their counties to inform them of the election emergency and the option of rescheduling their April 7 elections.

A complete list of the elections scheduled on April 7 is available on the State Election Board website at elections.ok.gov. The State Election Board will update the list as local governments reschedule their elections.

Ziriax said voters who have questions about whether or not an election will be rescheduled are encouraged to contact the local government that scheduled the election.

View the official election emergency on the State Election Board website.