MIAMI — The ongoing projects at the Ottawa County jail in Miami were finally nearing an end Monday as the county awaits final inspections by the health department and the fire marshal.

This comes after the jail was evacuated in October due to an electrical fire.

“We did a jail inspection Monday and it is 100% ready. Everything in the jail has been reworked and is operational and we are green tagged everywhere now. We are waiting on the health inspector and fire marshal to come in and look at the green tags and sign off. Then we will be good to go,” commissioner Russell Earls said.

“The only other thing we are waiting on is the moving of the dispatch center back to the tower, because the gentleman that does it is out sick with the flu. It should happen this week if he is recovered enough,” Earls said.

In other matters, the board approved the installation of Wi-Fi service that will correlate with the OneScreen interactive video software system that will be installed in the main courtroom in Miami soon.

“We are doing a one-year term for $300 plus a month with Sparklight (formerly Cable One),” Earls said.

Commissioners also approved donation checks from NEO A&M College to the Ottawa County sheriff’s office for $2,000 and $6,000 to be used for uniforms.

“Sheriff Jeremy Floyd was teaching some classes at NEO on the academics of opioids and that is money he would have received, which he has chosen to donate for uniforms for his deputies,” Earls said.

Discussion was held regarding invoices pending that include one from the Delaware County sheriff’s office for the housing of inmates from Ottawa County in the amount of $5,481.30, inmate transport from Florida in the amount of $621.01, and an invoice from Tulsa County for housing inmates in the amount of $76,245.

Earls requested that payment of the invoices be tabled until the next meeting so that the commissioners can review them further.