Ottawa County threw its support to President Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden during the Oklahoma Presidential Preference Primary Tuesday, March 3.

Pres. Trump picked up 92.89% of the Republican vote statewide, but he won by an even wider margin in Ottawa County.

Trump garnered 1,747 of the 1,807 total votes cast among Republicans (96.68%).

Statewide, he received 273,562 of the 295,409 votes.

Trailing Trump in Ottawa County were Joe Walsh with 35 votes, Matthew John Matern, 13; Bob Ely, 10, and Zoltan G. Istvan and Roque Rocky De La Fuente picked up one vote each.

Biden won Oklahoma by getting 38.33% of the total vote.

In Ottawa County, the former vice president got 44.74% of the 2,110 Democratic votes cast.

Sen. Bernie Sanders got 411 total votes (19.48%). Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spent millions of dollars in advertising across the Sooner State, received only 276 votes (13.08%) in the county.

The Oklahoma totals for the two Democratic frontrunners were 117,552 votes for Biden and 77,302 for Sanders.

Bloomberg finished with 5,113 votes, just seven more than Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who was born in Oklahoma City.

The rest of the field included Tulsi Gabbard, 71; Amy Klobuchar, 65; Pete Buttiegieg, 59; Tom Steyer, 35; Cory Booker, 18; Marianne Williamson, 14; Andrew Yang, 14; Deval Patrick 10; Michael Bennet, 8, and Julian Castro, 5.

Patrick, Yang, Bennet, Walsh, Booker, Williamson, Castro, Steiner, Buttigieg and Klobuchar all have ended their campaigns, but it was too late to have their names deleted from ballots.

Bloomberg dropped out of the race Wednesday morning, endorsing Biden.

Oklahoma was one of 14 states holding primaries as part of Super Tuesday.

Other states included Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Virginia.

A total of 1,357 delegates were up for grabs nationally Tuesday.