MIAMI — Many hands have played the black and white keys of a piano, but few have risen to the level of extraordinary musical artistry of pianist David Osborne.

Osborne is a bona fide, legendary Steinway artist for 30 years with a command of over 25,000 songs.

David Osborne and the David Osborne Trio will perform Saturday, April 4 at the Coleman Theatre.

The performance will celebrate Osborne’s induction into Oklahoma’s Music Hall of Fame.

Osborne has fond memories of his childhood in Miami and how his love for music and the piano started here. He was born in Miami to Bud and Nina Osborne.

“It went fast. Just the other day I was selling Grit newspapers, mowing lawns and playing the piano and organ for $5 an hour, “Osborne said. “I was at Woolsworth in Miami at the counter popping balloons to try to win the penny banana split. When Mom and Dad were alive, I was entering First Baptist Church before 4:30 p.m. before the office would close. I left the church through the crash bar. I would practice six hours on piano and walk home in the dark.”

Many Miamians mentored the talented and skilled young artist’s musical journey as his talent grew to stardom. At just four years old, Osborne heard the church pianist play in Miami and the rest is history.

“I was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout. I was taking piano from DeMaris Gaines and Fern Wilbur Mary Harutun, hoping I would please them. I was still under 12. I was riding the bus to Tulsa by myself to demonstrate and sell pianos and organs for Kenneth Schell,” Osborne said. “Now I’m being inducted into The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. I can’t believe it. It went fast for me.”

Osborne earned a Bachelor’s degree from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, a Master’s in Music from Indiana University and Pittsburg State University in 1984.

Osborne received a Fame Star from Las Angeles Music Awards in Hollywood. He began his career playing at resorts impressing listeners and eventually began playing at casinos in Las Vegas gaining even more worldwide attention.

His music is now listened to by millions on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. Osborne’s recordings, more than 25 albums, are sold worldwide by Green Hill Music Inc. of Nashville, Tennessee.

The Oklahoma Hall of Fame performance is an opportunity for the community to hear the best music at the concert performed by Osborne along with a bass player and a drummer.

“We promise that David and his trio will bring the house down,” Osborne’s manager said.

“I am touring as a Signature Steinway artist and performing in one of the most well-known and respected casinos in the world at the Bellagio in Las Vegas,” Osborne said.

The accomplished pianist has 67 command performances at the White House, earning him the nickname of “The Pianist to the Presidents.”

Osborne has performed for the last seven presidents of the United States.

When not touring, Osborne performs full time at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas.

Reserved tickets can be purchased by calling 918-540-2425 or online at

Seniors and students are $20, adults are $25, and premium seats (first six rows center) $30.

There will be a discount when 20 or more tickets are purchased.

All proceeds from the concert will go to the Steve and Cassie Gaines Scholarship Fund.